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Making Up Shit.

“Oh honey, if ANYONE would have an albino bird, it would be you.” We have a white robin spending the season with us. We’ve named her Blanca, although she could be a he for all I know, as it isn’t easy to identify the… Read More ›

Happy New Year

I’ve decided to make 2017 my bitch–as soon as this Star Trek Voyager marathon is over and once I’ve finished this 3000 piece puzzle. But after all that shit’s done, 2017 better watch the hell out. Happy damn new year.

I’m in a Mood

First, I blamed all the usual suspects. I started with Monday because it’s Monday and Mondays usually suck for one reason or another, so why should this one be different? Except the truth is, as Mondays go, this one is… Read More ›

I Make Up Stuff

I have to say I’m a little surprised the initial content on this website is so fiction-oriented. When I envisioned this project, I saw myself regaling you with amusing anecdotes from my daily life that would have you doubled over with laughter, gasping… Read More ›