IMG_3470 (1)Hi there. I write and I drink, often at the same time, which will go a long way in explaining some of the stuff that ends up on this website. If you followed my previous blog Brent Tells All, thank you, but I feel I should warn you that this one will be a little less structured and filtered (translation–dirty words and filthy innuendo).

In addition to the Extra Dry Blog, I’ll be posting other writing, including finished short stories, snippets of plays and the thing that perhaps I’m most excited about, serial short stories published in installments–I won’t know where they’re going anymore than you will, at least for a while. These tales may be really terrible but hopefully we’ll both enjoy the process.

Finally, you should know upfront that I have a pug named Lil and she’ll be contributing on a regular basis. Lil is a petite little spitfire who came to live with us when she was two. She has a troubled past but her future couldn’t be brighter, especially now that she has this platform where she can air her grievances. Oy.

So grab a stiff one (my first off-color double entendre…you’re welcome), sit back, and enjoy.


Brent and Lil

p.s. oh yeah, all this shit is copyrighted, so don’t be an a-hole and take it without asking. Thx u.



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