Something in the Air

Honestly, I’ve never heard anyone utter the words “I hate Santa Fe.” It would be like someone saying “I hate puppies” or “I hate breathing.” Folks who live there, as well as those who visit, will recite, gladly, a litany of reasons why Santa Fe is one of the most perfect places on earth–it’s the light, the sunsets, the mountain vistas, the weather, the history, the people, the art, the architecture, the music, the food, the confluence of cultures. And you know what? They’re right, on every single count. However, for me, the attribute that makes Santa Fe so very special, the thing that makes it a destination one wants to return to, time and time again, is the air–not just for what’s missing, namely smog and pollution, but for the key ingredient it contains. Magic. Yes, there is magic in the air in Santa Fe and you can feel it and almost touch it, or at least I can. When I’m there, everything is better and anything seems possible. This phenomenon occurs every single time I visit and has for years. There’s a reason the word “enchantment” is on every license plate.

This past weekend, the alchemy was particularly strong–for me and everyone around me–as we sat on a hilltop under a setting sun and a rising full moon, witnessing the marriage of two people who found each other–again–after almost thirty years. What do I wish for these old friends? Well, all the the typical stuff you wish for couples, old and new, and for everyone dear to you–good health, love, luck and happiness, all in abundance. But what do I wish for them most of all? Magic. Years and years of magic.  CB ❤️ SG, 4ever

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  1. So incredibly sweet. We ❤ YOU!!

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  2. In total agreement on all counts! Love you!!

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