Know When To Quit


I’d started a different blog post for today and had been toiling away for a couple of hours when I stopped and ditched the whole thing because not only had it gone off the rails, it had jumped a big mofo shark in the process. I should have realized I’d ventured down the wrong path when I referenced the Gilbertines, an order of English nuns that was dissolved in 1538. Nope, not me. Instead, not only did I persevere, I doubled down. It wasn’t until I was ass-deep in an imaginary conversation between Dorothy Parker and Sir Galahad that I knew I was in serious trouble. Here’s a snippet:


Ms. Parker, canst thou fashion a sentence using the word “horticulture?”

D. Parker

Canst I ever!

That’s when I knew. That’s when I stopped. And you know what? I don’t have a clue how a post initially inspired by a friend’s suggestion that we would have made a halfway decent vaudeville team ended up with that ridiculous exchange. But it did.

The lesson here is, less is more. Or don’t try too hard. Or round table humor is difficult. Or all of the above.

Know when to quit, kids.

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