I’m in over My Head and I Just Started


“…writing, like just about every other artistic pursuit, is about losing more often than you win and still doing it, because, well, just because.”

About a month ago I set out to launch a simple website, somewhere I could go every day–or whenever–and write a little, or maybe even a lot. You know, something straightforward that I wouldn’t stress over too much; a place where I would ignore pesky things like proper grammar and exemplary punctuation and focus on the fact that I was actually writing something that didn’t need to be worked and reworked until it was as perfect as I could make it. You could read it if you wished, or follow it, or whatever you wanted to do with it but the real point of the whole thing was to give me a daily writing task that would serve as a warm-up for whatever bigger project awaited my attention. This…internet presence was to be something clean and minimalistic that needed nothing–or at least very little–in the way of upkeep because the last thing I needed was to maintain a behemoth website. That was the goal. That was all I was going to do. And then I signed up for a website service, went shopping for a theme (template), and all holy hell broke loose.

I found an online source that reports there are over 10,000 WordPress website themes and I guess I took that as a challenge because it seems I’ve tried all of them during the past three weeks and still never found one that was perfect. However, with each new theme I test drove, my ambition grew. Suddenly, simple text wasn’t enough. Suddenly, I needed photos, galleries, portfolios to showcase all my artistic work, oodles and oodles of widgets, a way to deliver live tarot readings, and if there was a God in heaven, a live 24-hour webcam focused on that groundhog hole under the shed. Suddenly, these were the essential ingredients for my new website. And that’s when I shelved the whole damn idea because it was making me crazy–well, crazier. After a few days I went back to square one, decided what I really needed from a website, and started the process again. And what was it I required? Well, it was pretty simple–a place to write. So here it is and here I am. And let me guess, you’re now reading this and thinking this? this is the look you chose after all that? Yeah, a-hole, this is the one I chose, so shut your pie hole.

In addition to whatever daily thing I decide to do, I’ve also decided to write serial stories–you know, like The Pickwick Papers or Tales of the City but more successful. I know for a fact I’ll regret this decision sooner rather than later, but for the moment, I’m all in. The first one takes place in the fictional town of Endurance, Texas, just as the completed short story does. I don’t think all of the stories are going to occur there but I can’t be certain  because right now, that place holds me in its grasp.

As is referenced above, there is a finished short story published here, A Tale of Endurance. I wrote it for a contest where the only guidelines were it had to be a mystery under 3,500 words and feature an attorney as a main character. Obviously I didn’t win the contest or I’d be directing you to the website where it was published. But that’s okay because writing, like just about every other artistic pursuit, is about losing more often than you win and still doing it, because, well, just because. And I realize that little nugget is infinitely quotable, so feel free. In fact, I’m going to use one of my website’s fancy little features and do it myself.

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  1. You are my effin’ hero. Smooches.

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